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—  Traditional menu  —




—  Carne asada (steak)  —
Chuck roll steak diced and seasoned to perfection

—  Grilled Chicken  —
Chicken breast cooked and diced with our special garlic pepper mix.

—  al Pastor (pork)  —
Marinated pork fork meat with mix of mexican spices and cooked untill crisp

—  specialty tacos  —
We can accomodate specialty tacos such as bulgogi, fish, mole, carnitas and more

Signature items

—  El Jefe Nachos  —
A pizza box full of nacho chips topped with nacho cheese, your choice of protein and pico de gallo

—  Asada Fries  —
French fries covered in nacho cheese then toppeed with steak and pico de gallo

—  Rene’s special  —
can’t decide on either one how about both our nachos and fries in a pizza box topped with cheese, choice of protein and pico de gallo

Additional dishes

—  Sonoran hot dogs  —
Bacon wrapped franks topped with pico de gallo, guacamole, salsa and all your favorites

—  Hamburgers  —
Grilled Angus beef patty seasoned to perfection inside topped with all your favorite

—  Special Request  —
although we specialize in tacos and mexican cuisine we accommodate different dishes for every taste. from pizza, chicken tenders, fish and chips to poke bowls, skewers even gyros. We can cook them all


In addition to our menus we have vegan, vegetarian, and halal options
didn’t see your favorite dish send us an email we can be sure to accommodate it.

Executive Chef Julio Rodriguez